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Hot Springs Sentinel Record – Feb. 2011

Though Dr. Brian Reilly of Family Care Chiropractor Center has been caring for patients at the same location for 28 years, it seems like a brand new office when you walk through the door.

Architect son Jack Reilly is the man behind the design of the updated digs.  The energy savings is phenomenal and the view of the green space with the Koi pond is comforting,

December 1st marked the 2 year anniversary of Dr. Greg Kaumeyer working in the clinic keeping it open 7 am- 7 pm Monday through Friday. He works 2-7 pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday and Dr. Reilly is available Monday Fri 7 am -2 pm and 4-7 on Thursdays.

NHL, NFL and MLB players from all over the country have received care at FCCC. One of them extended his career with a multimillion dollar contract after the care he received from Dr. Reilly brought him back in the game.  Others have returned to the field of because the chiropractic care fixed what no other care could accomplish. Dr. Kaumeyer, whose brother played and now coaches in the NFL, has extensive sports injury experience as well.

While many patients try chiropractic for a specific ailment such as a strained back or headaches, they often find that constipation; asthma, knee pain, edema and host of other symptoms are relieved as well as their primary complaint.  Some people even exclaim that they can see better!  While our doctors are happy to hear this, they are not surprised- that is how chiropractic works.  It reduces subluxations of the spine which in turn allows the nervous system to function better. Chiropractors are the only physicians licensed and qualified to give adjustments to the spine.  They do not prescribe drugs or surgery in their healing remedies.

Chiropractic is safe for all ages.  Infants, children and senior citizens as well as regular people can benefit from chiropractic care.

To complete the wellness picture, the doctors recommend exercise and Standard Process nutritional supplements, as well as pillows and supports.  Bio-Freeze and Richard’s Honey are also available.

The clinic uses state of the art digital x-ray, which can be loaded onto a disc so patients are able to take them if traveling or want to show them to another physician.  Also digital x-ray reduces the need for processing chemicals which can be harmful to the environment.

FCCC is a provider for many insurances including BCBS, UHC, Medicare, Aetna, and Cigna to name a few.  Insured or not, chiropractic is the quickest and easiest way to get back in the groove and stay that way.

FCCC care can come to you.  The Back Van is a mobile chiropractic clinic available for emergency care.

Family Care Chiropractic Center Is Convenient, 7am-7pm Monday through Friday.
Back Van available upon request.
While appointments are recommended, WALK INS are welcome
Chiropractic care is affordable and safe.
Combined experience of 41+ years-it works.

Family Care Chiropractic Center
711 Albert Pike in Hot Springs
Call 321-BACK (2225)
Emergencies 844-0625


Hot Springs Sentinel Record – 2011

Family Care Chiropractic Center
Family Owned Business

Family Care Chiropractic Center directed by Dr. Brian D. Reilly since 1983 has served hundred of families throughout the city, state and beyond.

Dr. Reilly and Lisa Reilly are the main characters in this busy practice located at 711 Albert Pike.  Throughout the last 28 years each of their 4 children has had a part in keeping the practice lively.  As young men, both Jesse and Jack (now 29 and 28) painted the building, erected and painted the fence, and as Jack progressed in artistic endeavors he painted the large spine that adorned the parking area for many years.  In 2008, after graduating from the University of Arkansas with a degree in Architecture, he designed the remodel of the old building, to what it looks like today.

Jesse is the ad man.  Most of the ads for Family Care Chiropractic Center are the work of Jesse, who now lives in New Orleans. A special thanks to Ed Tallach and family for providing the opportunity for him.

Hannah and Ann spent many hours working in the office in there high school years, in between soccer practice, studying and multiple clubs they were involved in. Even away at college they helped with organizing and transferring written work into computer files.

Hannah and her big dog Rory, are living and working in Bellingham , WA, as catering manager for The Big Fish Restaurant  at Applebee’s, as well as organizing and catering private parties and receptions.

Ann is a graduate student at the University of Oregon, and will receive her Masters in Accounting degree on June 10, 2010.  She will be moving back to AR to take a job with BKD, Inc. in Little Rock.

Dr. Kaumeyer joined the FCCC staff in December 2008.  He is also very proud of his family.  He and his wife Liz are parents of Emma 6, Aiden 4, and Nolan1 ½.  Dr. K also has Catlyn and Aaron in CA. He is doing his part to keep the Family in Family Care Chiropractic Center.

Dr. Reilly and Dr. Kaumeyer feel one of the keys to the success of the practice is that satisfied patients recommend FCCC to their families and friends.

It is not uncommon to treat 3-4 generations and several offshoots of one family.  Many times our patients are so pleased with the care they received at FCCC, that they insist, that their out of town relatives pay a visit to the clinic for care.  More parents are introducing their infants and toddlers to chiropractic as a way to keep them well, rather than treat them with medications when they get sick.  Often a child will have a spell of ill health after a fall or two that seems unrelated to the incident, but can be caused by the force of the spill on the vertebra of the spine. This happens to adults as well.

Chiropractic Physicians are trained to locate subluxations (interruptions of the normal curve of the spine) and reduce them by gently working the vertebra back to its proper alignment. By doing so they relieve pain, illness or other symptoms, so the body will function normally and heal itself.

It has been Dr. Reilly’s intention since the start of his practice in 1983, to take time to totally evaluate his patients and treat them accordingly.  As no two snowflakes are alike, neither are our patients.  He tries to find out more than what is obviously happening, to treat the patients as a whole, rather than just the symptoms.

After practicing in the fast pace of southern CA for over 20 years, Dr. Kaumeyer has found that taking a little more time has been satisfying for the patients he treats as well.

At Family Care Chiropractic Center, if you provide the family, we will provide relief fast! We care.
Open Monday through Friday from 7am-7pm. Saturdays by appointment.
Call 321- BACK (2225)


Hot Springs Sentinel Record – June 24, 2010

Family Care Chiropractic Center

In order to continue to provide quality healthcare to more patients,  Family Care Chiropractic Center, directed by Dr. Brian D. Reilly, has recently become a provider for Arkansas Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Mercy Health Plans, and Humana Veterans Healthcare Services. These companies join with Aetna, United Health Care, Medicare, Medicaid, Arkansas Community Care, Municipal Health Benefits, City of Hot Springs, and some Humana policies.

As always, the type of insurance policy the patient has determines, the benefits allowed, as well as deductibles and copays.  Lisa Reilly, business manager of FCCC, recommends that patients access this information either on line or by calling their insurance company in advance. There is normally an 800# or website information on the insurance card.

Family Care Chiropractic Center has been in the same location for 27 years, but has recently undergone extensive exterior and interior remodeling.  Patients and staff enjoy the greenspace view from the waiting room.  The update allows for better patient flow and comfort.

With the addition of Dr. Greg Kaumeyer, who joined the staff in December of 2008. The clinic is able to maintain convenient hours, 7am-7pm Monday-Friday. A graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic West, he practiced in California for 20+ years, before relocating to Arkansas.  He and his wife Liz are parents of Aeden, Emma, and Nolan.

Dr. Reilly happily thanks his patients and readers of the Sentinel Record’s Readers Choice for naming him best chiropractor again this year. Chiropractic has made an impact on the lives of many people, and will continue to do so, as people and physicians become more educated about its safety, benefits and satisfaction.

Family Care Chiropractic Center often prescribes Foot Levelers spinal stabilizers, (orthotics) that are custom made for patients. Scanning and ordering are available at the clinic. These can be very beneficial for folks of varying activity levels, that have chronic back, knee, and/or foot pains.

Standard Process supplements are also available at Family Care Chiropractic Center, and dietary evaluation is offered.  Bio-Freeze, Formula 303, and a variety of cervical and lumbar pillows and back rests help provide comfort for so many patients.

Feel free to call 321-BACK (2225) to schedule an appointment or for more information about any of our services and products. We open early and stay late! The office is still located at 711 Albert Pike, near the Albert Pike & Richard Street intersection.


Hot Springs Sentinel Record Mail Away – 2010

Family Care Chiropractic Center, directed by Brian D. Reilly, D.C., and M.S. enters its 28th year of Business in 2010.  The building underwent an extensive facelift inside and out last year, and is now one of the most attractive businesses on Albert Pike.

The care provided by Dr. Reilly and his associate Dr. Greg Kaumeyer remains top of the line.  Dr. Reilly has been named Best chiropractor for many years in the Sentinel Records Readers Choice Survey, and patients travel from many parts of the state and even the country to experience the quality chiropractic care provided here.

The CARE in Family Care Chiropractic Center, is the reason Dr. Reilly has so much success with his patients.  He takes the time to thoroughly evaluate all aspects of the patient’s complaints and lifestyle to treat them as the individual they are.  He has devised many of his own techniques, which some patients lovingly refer to as “Dr. Reilly’s bag of tricks”.

While chiropractic has been an effective form of healthcare for over a hundred years, many people are not aware of the philosophy and science and power behind it. Chiropractic physicians have used x ray in its science for more than 100 years.

Chiropractic means care with the hands. A chiropractor uses his hands to reduce subluxations.  Subluxations are areas in the spine and other joints that are out of alignment in comparison to the other vertebra or joints around it.  Spinal Subluxations can cause a variety of maladies, such as headaches, back pain, numbness, pains in the legs arms, incontinence, constipation, bad temper, learning disabilities, the list goes on and on.  These can be the result of obvious stresses such as moving or picking up something too heavy or in the wrong position, motor vehicle accidents, or other less obvious occurrences such as dehydration, lack of muscle tone, sneezing coughing, sitting prolonged periods of time and so forth.

Subluxations in other joints can occur from falls and other traumas. One of Dr. Reilly’s sayings is “It is not possible for a person to sprain an ankle without causing a subluxation to that area”. His Master’s dissertation verified the positive affects of chiropractic adjustments on ankle strains.

Many of Dr. Reilly’s patients are “last resorters”. They have tried all the usual medical routes with little success.  Some have even had surgery but still continue to suffer.  They try a chiropractor has a last resort, and most are very happy with the results.  They find they can get back to their activities of daily living, and are pleased to be able to decrease of discontinue the OTC or Prescription drug use.  Most insurances and Medicare cover the chiropractic care provided at FCCC.

Children benefit greatly from chiropractic adjustments.  Birthing can cause spinal subluxations to the child and the mother, especially forceps deliveries, and even cesareans where the baby’s head has partially entered the birth canal before the section. Many maladies of childhood can be markedly decreased by using chiropractic care just as one uses ‘well baby-care. FCCC has cared for children labeled as “slow learners” or “hyperactive”, and they often improve after only few chiropractic adjustments.  A child feeling discomfort expresses it through acting out, or their ability to concentrate is hampered. Arkids First and Medicaid covers chiropractic care, with a referral from the child’s Primary Care Physician (a rule currently challenged).

Chiropractic care is actually an inexpensive health care alternative.  The initial visit is a little more expensive due to x-rays, but you get treated and are already one your road to recovery.  The number of additional visits will vary depending on your age, overall health and nature of your condition.  However, both Dr. Reilly and Dr. Kaumeyer keep the number of required treatments to a minimum. They do this by providing effective chiropractic adjustments (manipulation of the spine), advising and demonstrating correct postures, exercises and nutritional needs. Both physicians at Family Care Chiropractic Center have special training and advances experience in sports injury care.

Being part of an active family, Dr. Reilly has had plenty of opportunities to practice his trade and see the results.  The 4 Reilly children participated in several sports through out their lives and still do.  They probably sprained every part of their bodies, but recovered fast.  They rarely miss a game or a practice. Chiropractic adjustments applied immediately after injury is essential for their continued competitiveness. They are all grown, still active, and get adjustments whenever they need them.

Dr. Reilly and his wife Lisa are very active as well.  They are nationally ranked in duathlons and triathlons, run and hike regularly, and swim and bike as often as possible.  Lisa excels in all these events due to her training regiment, her nutritional expertise and her chiropractor husband. Dr. Reilly still tries to get a rugby game in every so often. Â

Dr. Reilly uses chiropractic and specially designed exercise programs to rehabilitate from severe injuries resulting from a motor vehicle accident. The chiropractic care he receives eases the pain and allows him to continue with his exercise program.

This year having Dr. Kaumeyer in the office to give Dr. Reilly regular adjustments has really helped Dr. Reilly with his stamina.  Dr. Kaumeyer association with the clinic has allowed Family Care Chiropractic Center to stay open 7 am to 7 pm. Monday through Friday.  These extended hours make it much easier for patients to tend to their chiropractic health.

Dr. Kaumeyer has 22 years of chiropractic physician experience.  He was the team chiropractic physician for San Diego State University. A graduate of Palmer West in California, he practiced in that state for most of his career.  He and his wife Liz have 3 young children, Emma 6, Aiden 3, and Nolan 1, and live in Hot Springs Village.  Emma attends Jessieville Schools, where Liz is a very involved parent.

As mentioned previously, Family Care Chiropractic Center is open from 7 a.m. to 7. pm Monday through Friday.  Emergency care is available on weekends if necessary at an additional charge.  Please call 321-BACK 2225 during office hours to schedule an appointment.  Walk-ins are welcome, though we recommend that you make an appointment to decrease waiting time.  Feel free to call or stop by with any questions you might have.  The office is located at 711 Albert Pike, near the intersection of Richard Street and Albert Pike.